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Simply choose the unit you want to rent through Ijari cash real estate or through other real estate offices and leave the rest to us our goal is to provide an easy and convenient rental experience that allows you to better manage your expenses pay the rent of your residential unit on a monthly basis through us and enjoy free maintenance services after rent ( plumbing – electricity – air conditioning maintenance – painting and general cleaning ) with a service available for (24) an hour.

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Splitting the total rent from annual to monthly

Enjoy the benefits of converting rent into easy monthly payments.

Ejari cash you can convert the rental amount into monthly or periodic payments that are paid over a specified period of time .

Ejari cash vision provides a compromise solution that meets the needs of both parties .it helps the person who wants to rent the property to achieve his financial needs through monthly payment, while meeting the desire of the property owner to receive the rent on an annual or semi-annual basis with Ejari cash guarantees.

How Ejari cash serves both parties

Don’t think too much with Ejari cash everything is simple

Ejari cash enables customers to benefit from flexibility and effectiveness in managing their budget. When using this service, the rental bill is converted from one annual payment or installments to 12 easy monthly payments that improve the liquidity of money for tenants and relieve the financial pressure they carry when paying rent in full in advance.

On the other hand, the owners benefit from this service by obtaining the full rental amount in advance, which provides them with financial stability and reduces the risk of not receiving full payments on time, Ejari cash service enables you to convert the rental payment process from one annual payment to easy monthly payments, thus you have the flexibility to distribute the cost of rent throughout the year, making it easier to manage your budget more effectively through Ejari cash service you can apply for the service immediately .

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