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Who are we ?

Ejari cash service offers you monthly payment in installments for the dwelling of your choice and pays the rent to the landlord in one annual or semi-annual payment with the enjoyment of maintenance services for the dwelling during the rental period .

Salary identification from the employer and an account statement for a period of 6 months.

Ejari cash sublease Commission is approximately 20% and is determined by the case study in full.

The contract period ranges from one year or more.

You can apply through the site.

Ejari cash is available in all regions of the kingdom.

You are free to pay anytime you want during the month.

Yes, it is possible to cancel the contract in case of payment of all the remaining months in the lease.

Yes, the consent of the owner is required before completing the Ejari cash process of renting the unit to the tenant.

Currently it is not available limited only to Real Estate residential units.

Ejari cash is licensed with a Val license from the General Authority of real estate.

Ejari cash sublease service is fully compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia according to the Saudi Standing Committee for Fatwa, which is part of the Saudi Standing Committee for scientific research and fatwa.

Free maintenance service is provided to tenants for free after renting from
Before the maintenance technicians from (plumbing-electricity-maintenance of air conditioners and paints).

As soon as a cash lease agreement is issued with the landlord and a contract is made for the tenant.

Please send us an email at or choose one of our contact methods below. We are available on what’s App, Twitter and Instagram .