Our vision

Ejari cash vision provides a compromise solution that meets the needs of both parties, helps the person who wants to rent the property to achieve his financial needs through monthly payment, while meeting the desire of the property owner to receive the rent on an annual or semi-annual basis with Ejari cash guarantees .

Who we are

Ejari cash real estate specializes in acting as an intermediary between the tenant who wants to rent the property and the property owner. A person who wants to rent can pay the rent on a monthly basis instead of paying it in advance for a year. With Ejari cash, it is easy to pay rent annually or semi-annually . Under a contract signed by Ejari cash as an intermediary, the group rents the property to the second person according to the conditions specified in the contract. Ejary cash group is a pioneer in the field of providing rental installment services.we strive to meet the needs of tenants by offering flexible and convenient payment options. we recognize that most individuals face challenges in paying their rents in full at one time. we offer our services to allow installments on payments and facilitate the payment process.